Dominique Starck was born in 1956 into a family of musicians from Strassburg, whose musical heritage was passed on from generation to generation. In his youth he played in various bands as a guitarist and composer. He studied at Zurich Conservatory of Music and Musikhochschule Zurich with Gertrud Brun and Walter Feybli and graduated with a concert diploma with distinction in 1978. He studied composition with Josef Haselbach and devoted his further studies to Oriental, Far-Eastern and African music.

His composition work was also influenced by studies of music, Alexander technique and Chi-Gong with L. Jeng-Chun Chen (Taiwan) and studies of African music with Cheikh Tidiane Niane (Senegal).

Dominique Starck’s chamber music concert performances as member of the Johannes Kobelt Quartett and various other formations (Jazz and classical) have taken him through various parts of Europe and USA. Numerous CD, Radio and TV recordings have been produced over the past years.

2010 marked the release of Dominique Starck’s Anniversary CD „Remastered Guitar Works 1990-2010 and with this CD he won the Akademia Award USA for the best Ambient Instrumental Album 2016. Participation in Dechen Shak Dagsay’s new album “Jewel” (Universal Music) 2010.

2015 new CD „The Two Cosmic Octaves“ with Harda Müller, monochord came out, 2016 Duo with Marco Käppeli (percussion) and the ensemble Mono Soma (Sound-Meditation)  with Silvan Winkler (monochord, koto, pads) und Eva Luna Benedetti (voice) was founded.

In the last 20 years, Dominique Starck developed his own Chanting method with movements, named Chakra-Chant-Move (breathe, sound, visualisation and movement), a holistic integral way for self-development.

Photographic und audiovisuel works:
Exibitions with Chiara Fiorini: OpenArt Roveredo 2009-2017. Kulturtage Thalwil 2009, Widmer+Theodoridis contemporary Ehegraben Zürich 2010, Spuren Utobadi Zürich 2012- 2017. Noseland (Schöftland AG) 2009-2018, 2017 several Exibitions in Switzerland and Bosnien-Herzegowina  (Sarajevo) with Sound-Installations.


Youtube channel by dominiquestarckmusic with videoart and audiovisual Geomancy.
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