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cd cover journey within
you called my name
from somewhere far away
i followed you to where
the open country met
the river

i passed minerals
animals and kings
consulted witnesses
and judges

fought with shadows
and climbed mountains
leading nowhere
before i heard you
call my name again

this time from somewhere
closer than breathing

Marion Starck-Lum
or The-Three-Octaves-of-the-Tarot-Meditation

Music by Dominique Starck,
produced by Jean-Michel Neukom
  1. Open Country download mp3
  2. River of Birth download mp3
  3. Ebb Tide download mp3
  4. Castle of Light download mp3
  5. Rhythm Spring download mp3
  6. One Road download mp3
  7. Crossing the Border download mp3
  8. Justice Valley download mp3
  9. Witness on the Way download mp3
  10. Harvest Moon download mp3
  11. Gathering Strength download mp3
  12. Endless View download mp3
  13. Field of Plenty download mp3
  14. Transparent Veils download mp3
  15. Gateway to the King download mp3
  16. Ivory Tower download mp3
  17. Guiding Star download mp3
  18. Leading On download mp3
  19. Land of the Sun download mp3
  20. Mighty Mountain download mp3
  21. Holy Ground download mp3
  22. New World download mp3

>>> Das Gesetz der Oktave, der „7“ oder der Transformation

Alchemy 8 Meditation

cd cover alchemy 8 meditation
Music for Harmonising Space

Music by Dominique Starck

  1. Do Huuh Sacrum download mp3
  2. Re Hooh closed Hara download mp3
  3. Mi Hooh open Solarplexus download mp3
  4. Fa Haah Spiritual Heart download mp3
  5. So Heeh Throat download mp3
  6. La Hiih Third Eye download mp3
  7. Ti Mmh Crown download mp3


cd cover winds
Music by Dominique Starck

The-Four-Direction- or The-Four-Winds-Meditation
(also The-Four-Archangels- or Medicine-Weel-
Set the four directions with a compass and place stones and/or candles in a circle. You can do this physically or just mental.
  1. East
    (Element of Fire, Archangel Michael) download mp3
  2. South
    (Element of Water, Archangel Gabriel) download mp3
  3. West
    (Element of Earth, Archangel Uriel) download mp3
  4. North
    (Element of Air, Archangel Raphael) download mp3
  5. Centre
    (Higher Self) download mp3